How to Edit Photos in Flickr ?


There are many photo editing tools and applications online that doesn’t need you to download any software to your PC. You can edit your photo on the fly with a simple web interface, also these online editing tools provides you most of the features that a desktop photo editing tool has, so people prefer more of Online Photo editing tools. You all must have know about Flickr, a popular photo sharing platform. If you’ve posted a picture on your Flickr profile and still wanted to edit the photo, do some basic photo editing stuff, then still there is a room for improvement.

Flickr allows you to do some basic photo editing tasks like cropping, adjusting brightness exposure of your photos when you’ve uploaded them. This is just useful if you’ve forgot to edit them already. You can consider it as a simple tip for flickr users. Many new users may not know this feature that they can edit the photos after upload them to Flickr account. So here it goes, check out how to edit photos in flickr.

Flickr has partnered with Picnik (an excellent online photo editing tool) to bring world-class, web-based photo editing services inside your Flickr account. If you’ve already used Picnik, then here is an Picnik facebook app that allows you to edit Facebook photos.

So, To edit your photos on Flickr, you’ll need to enable Picnik to open inside your Flickr account. (You can turn it off again.) Just go to your photostream, click on the actions button on top right side, on the drop down, select ‘Edit Photo in Picnik’. then, if you’re first time using picnik to edit Flickr photos, then hit Ok to accept terms and conditions. Then, you’re good to go, and Picnik should load up right there and then.

Once you are in Picnik mode, you can use the on-screen tools to adjust photos, apply special effects, add caption text and more. Just try Picnik effects on your Flickr albums. You will love it.

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