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We have told you about many tools both online and desktop freeware to create slideshows for your photo albums. Slideshow’s are the best thing to showcase your photos (vacation, anniversary or any celebrations) with zoom in out, ken burns effect for your photo presentation. Guess what ? There is a special tool for creating slideshows with Ken Burns effect. Don’t know what is ken burns effect ? then read it here.

Some slideshow creator’s which we have reviewed before :

YouTube Video Slideshow Creator
Create Slideshows Movie from Pictures
Professional Slideshow Creator

With iPhoto for Mac, it is quick and easy to create a slideshow with photos. The iPhoto’s slideshow feature allows you to add music, excellent photo transitions on slideshows (as I have told above, the ken burns effect) and more. You can create a photo album with the best of photos and make them into a slideshow for the best viewing experience.

Just by grabbing all the photos and moving them into a folder, hit the slideshow button on bottom toolbar. This will create an instant slideshow. To add more photos to your slideshow, simply highlight the photo and click the add to button or simply drag and drop into the slideshow folder. iPhoto provides 12 types of themes to slideshow where you can add music, text caption on slideshow, for adding music you can directly select the song from iTunes. As we are talking about slideshow themes, there are some awesome themes for your slideshow such as kenburns effect, origami, reflections, vintage and more.

You can setup time for slides to appear, also you can set image effects such as black and white, sepia mode and transition effect too. Finally hit the preview button and see how it looks. To view the complete slideshow from start to end, hit the play button.

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