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If your site is selling some products or displaying the best deals around the web, then for sure to attract more customers, there will be coupon offers for products to get the best discount. So with much testing in human behaviour, if you put random badges on the edge of the screen, people will tend to click on them out of curiosity. If you put more coupons badges, they’ll click even more. And if you show them coupons only once in a while, the time pressure will make users click even more. This yeilds the best CTR, but make sure there is some good deals hidden under coupon badges. So how do you create a coupon badge for your site easily ? makes it easy to create coupon badges and embed it on your websites. You can use these badges wisely to engage your visitor’s curiosity. Also if you’re planning to collect some email ids (you can download e-mails in CSV). is the simplest version of coupons that you can test on your site and see it for yourself. You’ll prepare a coupon and put it on your site in a minute. There’s also a viral loop included for social media spread and some sweet statistics.

All you need to do for a coupon code is, just go to this link enter your email, Coupon title, text, select if you want to show QR code, also if you want to collect email ids from readers, then tick the option and get the code for embed coupon popup in your website.

Once you paste the coupon embed code in your website, it will appear on the corner pulling readers concentration to click it. Once the reader clicks it, it will display a small popup. will generate a short link for your coupon to be shared on social sites likes Facebook and Twitter. You can check out the below image for better understanding.

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