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Advertisement is one of the popular and largest community who explores various stuff and create beautiful visual presentations and infographics. With their tool you can compare yourself with a twitter celebrity and make an infographic out of it. Once you’ve authorized the applicaton, the Twitterize yourself tool will generate an infographic in an instant based upon your information. Twitterize Yourself tool will gather information from your profile and compare yourself with other twitter celebrities which you choose. It will instantly generate an infographic out of information which is collected. For example : The ‘outfits’ and ‘accessories’ are chosen based upon keywords most associated for you. For example, if you tweet a lot about wineries, you will see a wine glass in your hand; Go to the ballpark often? Then your avatar will be dressed in a sports jersey and so on.

So based on what you tweet, it will display an Twitter avatar for you. With 11 possible outfits and 29 different accessories to show your interests. Not only it displays twitter avatar, you can also compare with other twitter users. For example, you can compare yourself with a twitter celebrity, it generates an infographic which shows who’s the bigger retweeter, who’s more social, who’s more interesting and what your comparative followers to following ratios are, as well as topics you potentially have in common.

I just tried out visually twitter by comparing myself with MS Dhoni (Captian of Indian Cricket Team). You can check out the infographic below.

To use this tool, all you need to do is, just go to – authorize your twitter account to the app, so that it would be easy to collect information from your account and also if you want to compare yourself, then enter their twitter username on the provided text box.

Once you’ve done, you can customize your twitter avatar by selecting the color, hair style, skin color, accessory, gender etc. Just hit the create infographic button at last.

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