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Ambiance theme or Linux Maverik Ubuntu 10.10 theme for Google chrome is one of my favorite chrome themes. In Madras Geek, we had reviewed many special beautiful chrome themes such as Fail Whale theme, Android theme, 95+ Artisitc themes for chrome. Also we have told you about how to create your own Google chrome theme with the Chrome theme creator.

So today, I just thought of sharing my favorite theme (Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick theme for Chrome). It is also called as Ambiance theme. The theme just blends with Google chrome and makes it to look like Gnome Desktop, which is the default theme in Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”.

Guess what ? If you’re already on Linux, then you will love this theme more. It is designed to be used with the native (Metacity) window decorations, instead of the custom Chrome title bar. On the Linux versions of Google Chrome and the Chromium browser, this can be enabled in the context menu of the header area.

If you want to revert back to the default Chrome theme, then you can do it easily. Just hit the wrench icon beside your address bar chrome, pull out and go to options page. Under the personal hood, you can see the option to reset to default theme.

Download Ambiance Theme for Chrome (Maverick Ubuntu 10.10 theme)

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