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The new social network Google+ has reached greater heights than Facebook. Some facts about the Google+ is that, it reached 10 million users in two weeks launch. But rather I would say, there is no surprise in it, because if you own a Gmail account, then it forcefully pushes you to join Google+ unlike Facebook which starts from the basic signup page. So it is easy to reach 10 million users in short span of time. Now coming to the topic, if you’ve become a serious Google plus user with your favorite Firefox browser, then here you go ! The best Google plus extensions for Firefox. Chrome lovers, don’t worry – watch out for the best chrome Google plus extensions on the next post.

All these Firefox userscripts will work with Greasemonkey Firefox addon. So, first you need to install greasemonkey addon, then you can start installing these Google+ scripts with just a tap on button. Let’s check out some excellent Google plus extensions that increases Google+ browsing experience.

Google Plus Reply+ :

Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments. Just go to the userscript page and hit the install button on the right top side. If you’re a chrome user, with similar functionality there is a chrome addon that does the work. For chrome, here you go.

Google Plus Auto Pager :

You need to manually click the more button at the bottom of your Google plus feed to read more about from your friends. But this script allows you to avoid manual clicks on ‘more’ button. It simply auto loads more feeds for you with out wasting a click. When you scroll down the page, it automatically loads the posts. It allows you to keep scrolling through a profile page without having to constantly click the “More” button.

Google+ Tweaks :

One script that does more than ten functions or tweaks to your Google plus account. It can tweak image previews, toggle comments, mute button, favicon alerts, full width, fixed navigation, thumbnails only, etc. It allows you to preview images when you move mouse hover the image, favicon for new notices, If you’re using wide screen, then you can tweak for full width Google plus and you can hide various elements of Google+ you don’t use. Check out the script page to find more features.

For chrome user, same developer has released the chrome extension : Download

Google+ Enhancer :

It does nothing but enhances your Google plus experience by adding some unwanted features such as adding notifications to Google top bar. It has notification items for Gmail, Reader, Docs and Calendar. If you’re already annoyed by the Google plus notification being served on all google product pages, then here is a way to hide the Google plus notification except on Google plus.

Google plus header hider :

If you want to go one more step ahead, then you can completely hide the Google plus black bar. It shows up on mouse hover.

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