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Would you like to use Google Mail Offline to manage and compose email when you’re not connected to the Internet? Sometimes, you may need to quickly search for a email on your Gmail inbox and at the time you don’t have an internet connection, that would be really bad. Many times, I really wish to use Gmail completely offline, so that I don’t need a internet connection to see my old emails, search and mark them. But, the time has come. Google has officially launched an extension to browse Gmail offline.

Google mail has introduced a new Offline Google mail extension for Chrome that allows you to use Gmail Offline. You really don’t need a internet connection. You can read your gmail inbox, respond to mails, search for mails and archive mails. It support offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access.

Once you’ve installed the extension, After first start-up, Gmail Offline will automatically synchronize messages and queued actions anytime Chrome is running and an Internet connection is available. Copies of your recent mail and will be synchronized and saved on your computer.

More than just an offline app, the Offline Gmail app has the popular Gmail tablet interface, provides extremely fast response time with a pure, email focused experience. To start Offline Gmail after installing, open a new tab in Chrome; In the new tab pane you will see a Gmail Offline Icon. Click on the icon, and Offline Gmail will load.

Download Gmail Offline Extension [Chrome]

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  1. wow.. this is cool tool.. must recommended to try at least once..

  2. Isaa says:

    I like this. It’s like when you’re offline and respond to mail, the mail will be on standby waiting to be pushed once an internet connection is available. Cool :)

  3. Jeffz says:

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