Add Water Effect to Pictures


There are many online photo effect tutorial, infact we had discussed alot of photoshop tutorials and image editing tools that can add various effects to your photos. Some of the best photoshop tutorials that we have talked about and here are some collection of best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials. Before we get into the article, I just want to share some of the image editing effects that can be done online.

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So, today we are going to see how to add water effect to your pictures. Adding water effect to pictures is so easy and cool pics effects. It’s a simple online service, requires no registration, allows you to add a nice effect of reflection of water on all your photos. Just check out the sample photo which I created using the said online tool.

This online app is in french language, but who cares. No need of any guide to use this app. There are only buttons. One for uploading your image from PC and other button is to click, so that it can generate water reflection on your images.

Once the image is generated, you get share icons so that you can share the image, embed the image to your blog posts and more. Or just the old trick, right click save as image to your desktop pc.

Water Effect Pictures

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