5 Note Sharing Websites to Share Notes Online


Students prefer mostly to take notes online instead of using paper, pens etc. If your university allows taking notes via computer, then it is easier to take notes in a lecture with the note taking apps and tools. You can take online course notes and share it with your friends instantly. There are many note taking apps online that provides easy access to class notes online. Today we are going to discuss few programs to take notes online. Let’s call it them as Note taking tools. Apart from students, bloggers and webmasters will be more beneficial with these note taking tools.

As a blogger, you may have dozens of ideas when you’re working on a stuff and the problem is, if you don’t take it down anywhere, after sometime when you may need, you will not remember it actually. So, it is always to have a note taking app and habit of noting down every idea that comes in your mind. When you start working on a new stuff, you can browse the list of ideas. So, here are some best 5 note sharing websites to share notes online.

EverNote :

When we talk about note taking, the first app that comes to our mind is the most popular Evernote. Evernote is a complete suite of software developed specially for note taking, which sync all your notes across computers, phone, mobile device etc. You have evernote for windows, mac, android, iPhone, Blackberry, browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox etc etc.

Simple note :

Simple, easy to use, loads fast, sync. notes for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Just sign up for free and start taking notes with Simple note app.

Stickr :

We have already reviewed about Stickr, you can check out our review here.

Notes.io :

The special about Notes.io is the minimalist feature. It allows you to take notes on the fly. Once you’ve written the note, you can share on facebook, twitter and friendfeed. No registration needed. At the end of note, a short URL is provided to share the note.

Google Docs :

How can we not talk about Google docs which is a primary note taking application for many. It’s in-built with your Gmail id. You can take notes, create presentations, use spreadsheets and many more. One of the most used note taking app. Auto save is best part.

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  1. Ritesh W says:

    The concept of taking notes will really help lots of students. Actually will save lots of time but you can’t keep a tab on students who will misuse the laptops during school hours.

  2. Carrynotes says:

    Great information, you can also review http://www.carrynotes.com to remember, manage and save your learning’s for free. Its great for keeping track of what to-do.

  3. Aditi says:

    There is one more website which is excellent for notes sharing:


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