3 Alternatives to Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook is the most famous email client which most of the people and corporates using around the world. As it comes attached to the Microsoft Office suite, most of them don’t go for any alternative. But there are some best alternatives to MS Outlook that gives some tough competition. Let’s check out few alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. Already we had told you about backing up Outlook, Sync outlook contacts with Gmail contacts and more.

Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra is one of the best and top alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. It can sync everything on the cloud and at the same time you can access it locally with easy user interface. You can sync your calendar, contacts, email, files and documents. It supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and social networking sites like facebook, twitter, digg and more. With Zimbra you can work both offline and Online. When you’re working on the road, just keep working and when you connect to internet all your data is sync over the cloud.

Zimbra is the best cross platform (works on Windows, Mac and Linux) email and social account manager available on the web today. With one single interface you can sync all your email, calendar, todo’s stuff as well you can connect your Facebook, twitter social stuff inside Zimbra.

Mozilla Thunderbird

You can use Mozilla Thunderbird browser as your default email client like how you would use MS Outlook. If you’re already been using Outlook, then you can simply export from Outlook to thunderbird in few steps. As you all know thunderbird framework is same as Firefox. So with a tiny Firefox extension, just import outlook PST and import them into Thunderbird email. Download it from here.

When compared to Thunderbird vs Outlook, I will always recommend Thunderbird – because, you can check all emails of different sites from one place. Lot of extensions, plugins for better email experience. Open source, so FREE!! Mainly, the handy tab browsing style and sync with POP email servers will do the job for you.


Yet another email client which is considered equivalent to Outlook. emClient is been optimized to run smoothly on Win7, vista and Windows XP. Sync your emails, calendars and contacts with various servers and services. You can also import from various email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird. You can look out for full emClient features here.

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