2 New Shortcuts To Search for Photos and Videos on Twitter


The new twitter interface has completely rolled out to everyone and you don’t have a chance to get back the old interface. As many of you all be using the new interface, twitter has introduced two new features a week back. They are ‘Photo galleries and Video galleries”. Now you can search for any photos or videos shared on twitter with exact keyword and all the photos, videos are listed in their galleries.

There is a list of shortcuts to new twitter interface such as when you hit the letter r : reply, t : retweet, f : favorite and the list goes on. You can find the list of shortcuts, a small link bottom of your twitter interface. Exactly below the trending list. Next to About, help, blog etc. So to the addition of new shortcuts to use twitter new interface here are two new shortcuts which are not listed. They are very practical and help you to quickly find photos and videos for a particular search.

SP – S earch P hoto: to find a picture, enter a search and then hit the Enter key.

The display can be grid or detail mode by clicking on one of the icons at the top right of the screen.

Just go to home page – twitter.com and hit the SP letters in your keyboard, a small pop up window appears where you need to enter the keywords to search for photos. All the photos related to the keyword will be listed in a grid or detail mode (slideshow)

SV – Video Search: Searches for a video, enter a search then hit the Enter key.

Similar to photo search, video search works. You can view in a grid mode or detailed mode.

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