10 Biggest Pages on Facebook


Facebook has more than 600 million users world wide. With brands, personalities and companies started targetting facebook users via their Facebook pages. Brands provide discounts and offers specially for their facebook fans and celebrities updating with their latest schedule and stuff. So, do you want to know what are the 10 largest Facebook pages with highest number of fans ? This obviously shows the love towards them by people.

One of the biggest unofficial facebook resource blog ‘All Facebook’ has a statistics tool that updates the facebook page statistics. Recently, I came across this facebook page stats and wanted to share with you all. The facebook page statistics tool shows a detailed graph about all the top facebook pages. It has ranked facebook pages based on the top number of users, based on fastest growing pages, the least popular facebook pages and certain factors like as I said, number of fans, daily fan growth, weekly fan growth etc.

10 Biggest Facebook pages :

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