10 Best Extensions to Block Flash Ads Popups


I prefer to block these flash popup ads on websites, that is really annoying man. It either hides the webpage content or plays some music, video automatically. So I always block these flash content on websites with a simple extension for browsers. Another great advantage is that, the website loads faster and people can consume the content quickly without waiting for these flash content to load. Today, we are going to see the best 10 extensions for various web browsers to block flash ads, popup messages etc. All these extensions are simple to install and use. You don’t have to be a geek to use this, just do a one click install, then start visiting websites with out any hassle.

Best Flash Block Extensions

Block Ads on Chrome :

Flash block extension for chrome automatically blocks all the flash content on the webpage. With the options panel, you can whitelist certain websites if you really need to load the flash content. Download Flash block for chrome

This flash block extension is said to be the best alternative to Ad block extension for chrome. Ad Block also prevents displaying ads on websites. It blocks most banners, popups and layer advertisements. It can also disable ads on YouTube videos. You can download ad block for chrome.

Flash Control for chrome is a content filtering extension. It adds a extra control feature to Adobe Flash players, You can turn Flash players on and off, or toggle their visibility with flash control extension. Download Flash Control for Chrome

Mute Tabs for chrome, we have discussed about this extension earlier. It allows you to swtich off sounds coming from chrome tabs. Detailed review about Mute Tabs for chrome, read it here.

Block Ads on Firefox :

Flash Block for Firefox, does the same work like Flash block for Chrome. Additionally it blocks sliverlight apps also. You can download Flash block for Firefox

Flash Killer for Firefox can remove all the flash contents from the current viewing page with one click. Instantly kills all the flash objects on a page. You can download Flash killer for Firefox

Block Ads on Safari :

ClickToPlugin for Safari prevents Safari browser from launching plug-ins automatically. It blocks all the flash content when you open the site, if you want you can unblock or whitelist the websites. Apart from flash, it blocks Google earth, Quick time, Sliverlight and some more plugins which usually kills the time and browser cpu usage. So, making safari to load pages faster.

If you want to block only flash contents and not any other plugin, then you can try ClickToFlash for Safari.

Block Ads on Internet Explorer :

No addons needed. You can just configure the options by default. Tools -> Manage add-ons -> Flash add-on -> More information -> click the “Remove all sites” button.

Block Ads on Opera :

For opera users, Preferences -> Advanced tab -> Content -> check the “Enable plug-ins only on demand” box.

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