Webpage Progress bar Firefox addon


If you’ve used Firefox browser, it has stopped displaying the web page progress bar long back. The latest version doesn’t have anything that shows how much the web page has loaded and you just know that the web page is loading with kind of circle near to the favicon of the webpage which you’re viewing. So if you want a progress bar of the webpage loading something like in the Internet explorer, you can have it on Firefox with this simple addon.

Progress bar on top is a simple firefox addon that includes a additional progress on top of your Firefox browser window or tab. It displays a thin line of progress when the web page loads. Useful for old age people who feel difficult to find out whether the web page has loaded completely or still on progress.

Once you’ve installed this addon, restart your Firefox browser. From then, when ever you visit a webpage, a small thin line appears at the top of your browser window or tab that shows the progress of the web page.

Download Progress bar Firefox

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