Web Developer Toolbar Chrome Extension


If you’re a web developer, Google chrome has an extension that is specially developed to help web developers. It has various web developer tools to a browser. It is the best web developer chrome extension which is developed by the same person who created web developer extension for Firefox. This extension is absolutely necessary for examining the structure of a web page. It makes it easier to examine a web page and find problems.

Web Developer Extension for Google Chrome adds a small toolbar icon to your chrome address bar which has lot of web developer tools to it. You can play with the web page css, forms, images, javascript, meta tag information, you can instantly resize web page, it has validation tools to validate css, feeds, html, links and more.

The extension allows the user to configure the list of resize dimensions and tools. You can use keyboard shortcuts, The keyboard shortcuts are configurable through the extension options. Check that the chosen shortcuts are not conflicting with other shortcuts used in the extension, other extensions or the browser itself.

Download Web Developer Extension [Chrome]

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