Sync Google Chrome Notes with Sync Pad Simple Webnotes


Already Google Chrome sync’s your bookmarks, password, apps, auto fills, extensions, settings and themes. Now here is an extension for Google chrome that syncs your notes across computers. This tiny note taking app uses simplenote app that can sync your notes across various devices both PC and mobile phones. It currently supports many iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Windows, Mac, Linux with extensions.

You can simple add a sticky note on any web page and it gets sync across all your new chrome installations. It saves all your sticky notes in the cloud using simplenote app. Notes are automatically synchronized across all your Chrome installations and can be accessed from your iOS or Android handheld as well.

Syncpad Webnotes is a tiny extension that allows you to add sticky notes to webpages anytime and completely sync all the notes in the cloud and synchronized across all your Chrome installations. It works with another chrome extension that needs to be installed named ‘Syncpad for Simplenote’. Simplenote is a cloud based web app for taking notes with all major OS, mobile platforms etc. So, the chrome extension uses this web app simplenote to sync all your notes in the cloud.

All you need to do is, just install two extensions for chrome. First install – SyncPad webnotes and then Install Syncpad for Simplenote. Once you’ve installed these two extensions, go to Simplenote web app and sign up a free account. Now get into the extension options page and enter the simplenote email ID and password which you’ve registered, it authorizes and start syncing all your web notes.

Now you can start using sticky notes on any web page. You can use the same simplenote app account across any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile platforms andrioid, iPhone, iPad etc. Use the note taking app from anywhere and sync across all the platforms.

You can use this note taking extension to take to do lists and reminders – a grocery list that you share with your family – notes from a meeting or a class – a draft for a blog post – brainstorming – keeping a journal – lists of movies, restaurants, or books – any kind of text etc.

The sticky notes can be used both online and offline. You can view, create, edit, pin, tag, and print. With Syncpad for simplenote extension, you can search for notes by keyword, view by tag, send to trash, restore from trash, permanently delete and empty trash. All notes stored locally, so its fast and no loading times. You can change the font color, size and style of the notes.

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