Subscribe to Google Plus Profile Feeds


It would be nice to get a RSS feed of all your Google plus friends in one feed, you can simply check out what your friends share on Google plus inside Google reader by subscribing to their Google plus profile feeds. You can also create separate rss feeds for each circle that would be cool too.

PlusFeed is a simple app that allows you to follow up any Google plus profile feed inside your Google reader. What you need to do is, just pull out any of the Google plus profile ID. You can find the profile ID when you look at the Google+ profile, then long number at the end of the URL is the profile ID.

So once you’ve grabbed the Profile ID, go to this Google Plus Feed app ( ) and append the Google+ profile ID at the end of the app URL. So it will look like ( )

Now get the entire URL ( ) and add the URL simply in your Google reader. Click the Add a subscription box and paste the URL in the text box and click add. It will show that you’re subscribed to ‘Google plus profile’ feed.

Google Plus Feed App

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