Show Google Calendar Events on Android Lock Screen


Previously we had told you about the bubble notification wallpaper that displays your android notification such as missed calls, sms, emails, twitter tweets, facebook messages in bubble format in your home screen. It is a live wallpaper and a notification app. So similar to it, here is a android lock screen app that shows Google calendar events on your android lock screen.

There are many calendar and reminder apps available on the android market, but this one is what many people are expecting by default functionality on their android device to show their calendar events in the lock screen, so that it reminds them before the eye always. Finally they can have their calendar events on the lock screen without replacing it. It works like a charm without any hassle because it blends with the existing lock screen.

With LockScreen Calendar app for andorid you can see your upcoming calendar events directly on the lockscreen. Works on every lockscreen, that normally displays the next upcoming alarm. You need to press “update” at least once to make the app load your calendar and set the text on the lockscreen.

You can customize the calendar event options to show the numbers of next events and time to update your calendar every time hours. You can also change the date format in the app’s settings.

P.S : As, the format doesn’t support on default SGS(2) lockscreen and HTC Sense lockscreen, nothing can be done.

Download LockScreen Calendar app for Android

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