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There are number of wedding planning apps that allows you to plan your wedding day in a great way. Just use the check list and plan your wedding according to it. Nowadays there is app for everything, perfect wedding planner app does the job of organizing it. So, what do wedding planners do ?

Our Dream Wedding is one of the best wedding planner application that is filled with wedding planning tools you’ll need to stay organized as you plan for your wedding day. It may be a home wedding planning or special wedding events, here is a wedding planner role.

As I told above, Online wedding planners gives you a detail of all the stuff in a wedding, right from the wedding cost, things to do, arrangements etc etc. So, here is a first check list on how much do wedding planners cost ? wedding planner cost. The Wedding budget checklist. This lets you to keep track of where and how much is being spent on wedding things. You can just download a checklist, take a print of it and keep track of all the spendings such as wedding rings, bridal attire, formal wear, marriage license, ceremony rental charges, food, flowers, photography, music entertainment, transportation, gifts, honeymoon, etc etc. So here is the budget checklist that you should have in your wedding planner. You can download the wedding budget checklist here.

With Our Dream wedding planner, you can find all the things that you need to plan for a wedding. Above we told you about the main wedding budget checklist, the next thing is wedding planning needs such as informative resources on Wedding DJ, Wedding reception locations, favors, photographers etc. With the wedding planner app, you can find local wedding vendor resources including churches, hotels, wedding cakes, wedding dresses, wedding DJs, wedding doves and more.

The wedding planner app also includes resources plus some valuable tips to remember when planning a reception. Includes informative wedding articles for great wedding planning ideas, tips, do’s & don’ts! Apart from this, this wedding planner app has a interactive wedding budget calculator.

The Wedding budget calculator app from ourdreamwedding is awesome. All you need to do is, just answer few quick questions about the wedding such as total amount that would be spent on wedding, no of invitations and number of people expected to come to the wedding, so based on these questions, the budget calculator shows how much should spend on bride’s wedding ring, invitations etc etc.

Our Dream Wedding – Wedding Planner app

Similar to Our Dream wedding, here is one more wedding planner from Google. Google Wedding Planner lets you to simplify wedding planning. With free Google tools you can save time, stay organized, have fun while planning your big day.

Just 4 tools from Google that lets you to plan your wedding. Google sites to create a websit to share with guests. Picnik free online image editor to edit your photos, create wedding cards and more. Google docs to create wedding budgets, schedules, planner etc. Finally Picasa Web album to share photos with friends and family.

Also read Wedding Tips from Michelle Rago, an industry leader in the design and planning of truly personalized weddings. Here is the planning tools or pre-made templates for Weddings from Google – Wedding Planner, Address book, Guest list, Budget planner, Todo list, seating chart, reception menu, music list etc.

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  1. Hey y’all,
    My principle comment is that I found the title of the article misleading. I guess that through “iConditioning”, when I think of an app I tend to think more in terms of the stand-alone app for a smart phone as opposed to a web-based application which appears to be what these are. Aside from that, I love the two sites that you’re highlighting in this article, and your discussion of them. They both look like great helps when planning one’s wedding.

  2. kennady says:

    There are a number of apps are available to plan the wedding and it is good that the technology is helpful for the engaged people. The engaged people have to look for the perfect wedding app for planning their wedding.

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