Online Baldness Calculator


You can use this baldness calculator to find out your personal baldness risk. How ever this app doesn’t give you accurate years when you will get baldness, but when you answer the survey precisely, then you can approx. get your results based on that. If you’re into a fear of hair loss, here is hair loss calculator that tells you the age at which you will get baldness. Getting started with some personal questions such as your current age and so on.

Once you’ve entered your current age, you can now enter how strong your hair loss has progressed. Each human hair is differentiated into 5 categories. So with your baldness growth, if you answer precisely then you can find out at which year you get baldness started. To find out the progress of hair loss, you can simply upload a picture of yours and use the profile picture to determine your baldness stage. Also at the end of baldness calculator, you can find out how you might look like when bald.

Then few more personal questions such as how many hairs do you lose on daily basis, are you suffering from dandruff, do you wear hats regularly, are you mainly under stress pressure that causes lot of damage to the hair roots etc. Finally, once you get the baldness age result, from the experts of baldness research, you get advice on how to avoid hair loss baldness.

Online Baldness Calculator

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  1. Charles says:

    Interesting. I got 75 years. LMAO.

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