Nyabag : Best Birthday Reminder App


This is yet another task reminder app that alerts you with task that is pending and also allows you to organize things with a simple reminder. We had told you enough task management and reminder apps both todo desktop clients as well as online reminder apps. Here is one more into the list, Nyabag – Web based task management app.

Nyabag is a online reminder app that alerts you the task which you save. You can enter the list of tasks, so that it will be easy for you to track events and not forget the task or birthdays. You can turn this down into a birthday reminder app. Just start feeding all the birthday details in the app and set the reminder alert as sms or email. Simple isn’t it ?

With Nyabag you can track events, use it as a personal diary to write down the daily activities and what has happened for that day. You can set alerts as email or sms notification. With Nyabag – Create tasks, Assign due dates, Modify frequency and Organize into lists.

Just signup on Nyabag and start entering your tasks to get reminder alert. You can easily add, edit and manage your task. The Smart list feature allows you to focus on tasks by category wise. Not only task management, it also offers Notes, so that you can add more information as you wish.

Nyabag – Online task management

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  1. Really a Great app. I love to use it. And i hope This Website owner is a Tamizhan! bcoz the LOGO resembles NA in tamil. is it Srivathsan?

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