Network meter gadget : Calculate network bandwidth


Network monitor gadget allows you to calculate and monitor your internet speed with network bandwidth. This ain’t wireless network meter gadget or cpu meter gadget that usually comes with Windows gadets. This network gadget shows network statistics such as network speed and total data uploaded, downloaded from your connection.

Net Meter Gadget displays Internet bandwith measurements and the total downloaded and uploaded data. The Net Meter Gadget is used to monitor your network usage in real time, keep track of the data you’ve downloaded and uploaded.

It must be very useful gadget for Windows to have when online. You can check the speed and upload/download data in real time. This gadget is a Google gadget, so you need Google desktop free software to use this.

Download Net Meter Google Gadget from this link

Once you’ve downloaded, Just go and download Google desktop tool [Free]

If you already have Google desktop installed on your PC, then double click the net meter gadget and use it, else download google desktop small tool first.

Install Google desktop and it will display list of gadgets on your Windows sidebar such as weather, news, feeds, picture slideshow, quick search tool bar, gtalk etc. Now double click the Net meter google gadget.

It will sit on your Windows sidebar and start tracking your network speed and bandwidth data.

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