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If you’re looking out for infographic seo, educational infographic, cloud computing infographic or anything you may want to get visual information about any topic, here is an iphone app specially dedicated for infographics around the web. It collects and displays all the awesome infographics about various topics. If you’re a fan of good cool infographics, then you should have this app. Infographics are great way to understand more about the subject with excellent visuals. As said ‘picture is worth more than 1000 words’, Infographic stands an example.

Infographics iPhone app from Column Five Media is a great tool to have it. Column Five Media specializes in creating visual content from infographics, data visualization, interactive motion graphics and more. Their infographics iPhone app show cases the infographics created by them for their clients.

Some of the famous infographic which has popularly orbed around the web such as ‘The 5 minute guide to get a job in social media’, The furry side of Finance and more. With more than 200+ infographics, they are the market leader in Infographics.

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