Manage Sounds, Mute Tabs in Chrome


Mute chrome tabs easily with this extension for Chrome that allows you to swtich off sounds coming from chrome tabs. Sometimes when you open two or three websites at a time, you might not know from which website the auto playing music comes from and also you find it difficult to switch off the music from it. So to avoid this, here is a chrome extension that can mute tabs with single click.

MuteTab extension for Chrome allows you to manage the sound coming from tabs in Google Chrome. It helps you to find which tabs are making sounds and provides browser-wide management of tab muting including automatically muting all background tabs.

P.S Note from the developers : It does not, however, universally allow muting a video or game so that it can be played silently while listening to background sounds coming from another tab.

It can only track from which tabs the sounds are coming and also gives you the option to mute the specific tab or all the tabs together.

Download Mute Chrome tabs

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