How to Sync Subtitles in VLC Media Player


Yesterday When I was watching a movie, after few minutes the sub titles did not sync properly with the on going dailogues in the movie, it runs too fast or lags down so that the sub title displays once the scene moves forward. How to properly sync the subtitles in VLC player ? You can not only repair or fix subtitle in VLC, but also you can also fix audio/video issues too. If the audio or video is running fast or lagging behind, there is an option in VLC to fix the issues.

You can easily adjust the subtitles to match over the video in VLC player with the default options which are provided with it. When ever you find a subtitle delay or running ahead of the video, just open the settings and fix the subtitle issue. You can do it. Just follow the steps below.

Play the video, open the settings – Tools > track synchronization > you can now increase or decrease the numbers to find the delay of subtitles.

If the subtitle doesn’t run for the same time as that of the video, you can use these settings and change it accordingly. If the subtitle runs ahead of the video, faster than the timing at the video, you need to reduce the speed of the subtitle fps value. If it keeps lagging behind the video timing, then increase the speed of the subtitle fps value above 1.

Similarly, there is an option called ‘advance of subtitles over video’. If your subtitle is lagging behind the video, the advance subtitle over video value should be in negative. Note down the time seconds that the video and subtitle lags and based on that enter the value. If it’s say 5 seconds lag, then -5.000 s should be the value here.

Note : VLC player is best media player to watch movies, you can download that for free here.

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  1. A very user-friendly tutorial to sync Subtitles in VLC media player .Thanks for this nice post.

  2. Aidi says:

    Thanks! This was really helpful.

  3. I looked for subtitle instruction for VLC but couldn’t find any…so I installed two more players. Now I’ll check VLC back because I like it’s features. Thanks.

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