How to Play Music from Windows Live Sky Drive on Android ?


Here is a cloud based music player for android that allows you to download and listen to songs from your Windows Live Skydrive. Windows Live skydrive is an online storage for documents, where you can share files, photos, docs, musics for free online. It gives you free storage upto 25 GB and here is a trick to store all your music files on skydrive and using a simple android app, you can listen to the songs from skydrive on cloud based music player for android.

SkyAmp is a cloud based android music player that allows you to access music files from your Windows live skydrive. All you need is a skydrive account to get started. Just get an account, upload your music files from PC to Windows Live Skydrive, then install the skyamp app for android. Skyamp for android allows you to stream and download audio from your Windows Live SkyDrive.

Once you log in with your Windows Live ID, the app displays your remote SkyDrive directories. All you need to do is trace the folder(s) containing music files, select preferred tracks, add them to the SkyAMP playlist and you’re done! Enjoy your favorite tracks on your Android via live streaming from SkyDrive.

Skyamp app for android can play music files in .mp3, mp4, ogg format. As I have already told you it gives you 25Gb of storage that means you can have huge number of sound tracks and music files upto 9000 songs. Keeping cache in your Android device so that you can play the files even if the internet connection is unavailable.

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