How to Monitor Kids Facebook Activity ?


Facebook is not a place to let your kids do what ever they want, because too much of cyber bullying happening these days. So how do you keep a secret watch on your children’s facebook account ? You need to protect your child on facebook from unwanted adult threats, people who approach for sex and drugs. So here is a app that lets you to keep track on your kids facebook activity.

Creep Squash is a free service that allows you to keep an eye on your kids facebook activity and protect them before they get involved in unwanted things on facebook which has more than 600 million users around the world. If your children’s facebook account lacks privacy, then all you need is Creep Squash.

Creep Squash can deliver email alerts to parents when their children befriend new people on facebook, also it monitors their kids communication on facebook including private facebook emails and instant chats, so when they scan the transcripts and come across any ‘red word flags’ usually used by cyber bullying and predators on the web, they immediately alert the parent via email.

Also it sends you copies when your child’s friends uploads and tags pictures of your child, also creep squash has a social proof thing that handles fake profiles so easily. It keeps a success formula for finding fake profiles by determining which users are really genuine by looking at how many photos they have been tagged in.

Just login with your child’s facebook email id and password, You need your child’s facebook email id and password, so that you login with their account, as a parent you enter your email address in the next box. Then, silently logout, so when ever your child adds some one or communicates with some one you will get an email alert.

If you don’t have your child’s facebook email id and password, you can just send an activation email to your child. Once the activation email link is clicked by your child and activated, parent you will recieve an email stating that it is activated. But this is not going to work I say. because when it sends an email to the child, it says ‘Your parents asked to send an email and we are from Facebook monitoring service that allows parents to have insight into your friends and blah blah’, as a child who is going to activate all these stuff ? Anyway, here is the link Creep Squash.

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