How To Make Comparison Charts in WordPress


If you have set of two or more objects or products that you need to compare and make a blog post on them, then here is a comparison chart generator for WordPress that does the job of comparision easier. You don’t have to struggle comparing each and every product and finding difficult to display the comparison between them. With this simple wordpress plugin, you can easily compare how many ever products you want and display them via some sort such as poll data, video card comparisons, sports scores, etc.

Easy Chart Builder for WordPress allows you to easily create and insert charts into your blog posts. If you’re a WordPress user, then you might have used Contact form 7 plugin, where you create a contact form and insert a short code in your contact page so that the contact form appears on the page. Similary, you create a chart and apply a short code in your blog post and the charts are displayed in the blog post.

Once you’ve installed the pluging, go to the admin dashboard > easy chart builder > select the chart type such as vertical bar, pie diagram, graph etc. Also mention the chart height and width, chart title etc. Example here is the code

[easychart type=”vertbar” height=”300″ width=”350″ title=”Your Title Here” groupnames=”Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Peach” valuenames=”1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008″ group1values=”2069, 1184, 2389, 820, 2398, 701″ group2values=”2002, 1177, 2825, 697, 3226, 993″ group3values=”4071, 824, 505, 100, 230, 0″ group4values=”0, 163, 320, 145, 0, 121″ group5values=”0, 0, 143, 70, 565, 102″]

Check out the plugin homepage for detailed review on easy chart builder

Download Chart Builder [WordPress]

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