How to fix CSS errors, Troubleshooting CSS Problems


When validating the CSS of a website, you may get some unknown CSS errors that are most easy to fix if you’re a web designer or developer. But, if you’re a learner or novice css designer and developer, then seeking help online on fixing CSS bugs or errors will help you code better.

CSS Lint is a one stop solution to all CSS problems. It can tell you whether your CSS code is non problematic. CSS Lint is a tool to help point out problems with your CSS code. It does basic syntax checking as well as applying a set of rules to the code that look for problematic patterns or signs of inefficiency. The rules are all pluggable, so you can easily write your own or omit ones you don’t want.

Just paste your CSS code in the CSS lint text box and hit the Lint button. Before that you can set your own rules, you can define the system what you want to check in the css code such as adjointing classes, avoiding duplicate properties, too many web fonts and so on. So just pick few rules and hit the lint button.

When you hit the lint button, it will display all the errors and warning messages with the error code and message. You can view the list of errors where it has occured and rectify them. The error messages are displayed with line, col, description – so will be helpful for novice learners.

CSS Lint

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  1. aatif says:

    Great site !! Will use it i use css a lot to customize my site

  2. les says:

    all this is a bit stupid as I cannot gain entry to the web due to missing network adaters not being within Device Manager

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