How to add copyright to Photos ?


When talking about photo copyright infringement, it is must protection for your pictures that you’ve clicked. Photo copyright includes photographs, art works, sculpture and other forms of art. The owner or the person who creates a work owns the copyright. We had told you about many copyright theft which happens daily on the internet. So protecting your photos from copyright theft, one way is watermarking your images. Recently we discussed a open source image watermarking tool that is best protection for photo copyright theft.

Even if you upload your pictures on Flickr, make sure you obey the flickr copyright, so how to protect your pictures online or protecting posting photos on the web. How to copyright photographs? Adding copyright to photos can be made easy with this free software called PicSnett.

PicSnett is a watermarking tool that allows you to easily add copyright information to your photographs. Adding copyright info to images is made easy with this free tool. It also acts as a photo viewer, that can copyright, edit, convert and make photos.

Just download and install the PicSnett, for the first time when you open picsnett, change the text name that you want to appear. You can edit the copyright text on images, set the opacity level, preview the image, you can also show the copyright info on top or bottom of the image.

Download PicSnett

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  1. Raj says:

    till now I use to use windows live writer for those purposes.. this one seems to be really cool… will definitely try out this one…

  2. Francis says:

    Light Image Resizer is free and also can watermark pics in batch:

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