Google To Buy Motorola – Will it Supercharge Android ?


The communications and social media world have seen a lot of activity in the last couple years as all of the different companies are vying for larger shares of the market. Telecommunication and social media companies are swallowing each other up at a rate that has the public and private sector paying attention. There’s stiff competition in this field as the mobile industry has come to the forefront of business and technology lately. These companies are increasing their support and services through good Decision Analytics and interconnected mobile capabilities. The most recent news to come from the field is Google’s latest move to buy up the mobile giant Motorola.

Public radio source, NPR, reported on Monday that Google Inc, the search engine giant, has decided to buy the cell phone maker Motorola Mobility for an estimated 12.5 billion dollars. To date, this is Google’s largest acquisition and seems to be a part of an overall strategy to become a world leader in the technological world. The company is quite serious about this purchase and is paying almost double of what Motorola Mobility’s stock is actually worth. The company is reported shelling out forty dollars a share, and it seems to be all about gaining a stronger foothold in the smartphone market. Mobility has reshaped itself as a premier producer of smartphones on Google’s Android market. Both companies have struggled greatly against the Asian market and Apple Inc.’s overwhelming popularity. It seems that Google feels that there’s strength in numbers in its attempts to dethrone Apple and the highly popular i-devices.

This acquisition has been approved by both companies and is going to take effect by the end of 2011 or early 2012. The last big purchase that Google made was back in 2008 when it bought out DoubleClick for 3.2 billion dollars. Google CEO, Larry Page, said in a statement regarding the purchase, “Motorola Mobility’s total commitment to Android has created a natural fit for our two companies.” He went on to say that, “Together, we will create amazing user experiences that supercharge the entire Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, partners and developers.” It remains to be seen if this will be that next giant leap forward for Google’s multi-tiered strategy and is leading many to question if the company is trying to do too much, too quickly.

Google is already a leader in the mobile industry due to the success of its Android operating system, which premiered back in 2007. It opened to soft response, but since then, has begun to capture the attention of consumers and the mobile market. It’s estimated that almost half of the smartphones in the U.S. are supported by Android Services. It seems that Google wants to now try its hand at the development and production of hardware services, rather than just sticking with the software. Many are saying that this is a smart move for Google but only time, and the market, will tell.

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