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Google task – Keep track of what you need to do. Add new tasks and tick them off as you finish. It’s a simple list that’s with you everywhere you go. So, how about taking Google task to desktop ? Already we had told you about many to-do list task manager both online and desktop tools, here is a simple desktop free tool that brings Google tasks to desktop with notification. Google task reminder.

Google Tasks desktop app from jashsayani softwares is one of the best google task desktop app that is light-weight and allows users to add, view and edit tasks on Google Tasks. Google task desktop app is a adobe air based app, so you need adobe air app to work. Once you’ve installed Googel task desktop app, simply login with your google account information (it doesn’t record any credentials).

Now you can add new task, edit and remove completed tasks. This manages your to-do list effectively from the desktop and connected with your Google account, so where ever you go, just sync.

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Google task desktop app

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  1. Chris says:

    You say “it doesn’t record any credentials”. How is this proven? I’ve seen nothing obvious that reinforces or confirms this statement to be true.
    While its a nice app, it’s 3rd party. Submitting your Google username and password could (if the developer wanted) easily be captured and used for malicious purposes. Imagine the potential.
    With all due respect, someone saying “Oh… and don’t worry, it’s safe.” on the internet is about as trustworthy as hearing it from a cold-caller or car salesman. Please prove it. Otherwise, by default, this 3rd party app is unfortunately not something that should be trusted by consumers. That said, I really would like to use it.

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