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The mobile application market place is rapidly growing, vast and confusing too. All we need is a consumer guide to select the best apps among the market place. We have already told you about many mobile apps search engine that allows you to search for apps based on the keyword and it will display the search results based on your taste, here is one more powerful search and discovery app engine to iPhone, iPad app stores and the Android Market.

Mimvi – App search engine

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Appitzr – Best iPhone apps

Mobilewalla is a powerful app search engine that allows you to discover apps for your iOS devices and Android devices. Mobilewalla offers un-baised rating system for apps on all major smartphone platforms. Apart from the general app search engine, Mobilewalla offers users to search for apps based on the name-based search, category-based, search by developer and you can sort out the apps by relevance, popularity, price, release date, free apps, hot apps (with real time ranking), new apps, app intelligence, star developers, hall of fame and more.

Here is a desktop version of Mobilewalla where you can check out all the features, similarly it has a mobile app that allows you to search for apps from your mobile phone. It offers mobile app for iPhone/iPod and Android devices. Mobilewalla’s algorithm based scoring system which rates apps on a scale from 0 to 100 is the first uniform, unbiased way to get apps that are being evaluated in real time – says founder and executive chairman of Mobilewalla.

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