Go try it on app : Avoid asking the Sales Girl ‘How Do I look’?


Are you too sexy for those pants ? Inviting the world into your changing room with Go try it on, a fashion dedicated portal that allows you to get an advice on your outfit before you go out for a party, date, interview or night out with friends. Just snap a photo with your outfit and upload it to Go try it on – Get fashion advice on how you look in your outfit?

Go try it on app for iPhone and a website (gotryiton.com) gives you honest advice on your look before you go out! Get an opinion or give an opinion, while you’re on the go. You can get an opinion from the public on your current outfit. How many times in the trail room you have looked at yourself in the mirror and badly wanted to show someone and get a feedback on the new clothes that you’ve purchased ? finally you end up asking the sales girl ‘how do i look?’

Go try it on is a simple fashion portal where users can just signup, post their photos with their outfit and get valuable feedback on their fashion dress. It also provides users with a dedicated mobile phone app that allows you to simply snap a photo of yours (you can also blur your faces for privacy) and upload them to Gotryiton portal where you can get public opinion on your outfit. You can aslo give opinion about others outfits.

If you like their outfits, you can just ask them where she/he found it, also you can add some great idea to their outfit which would match their skin color or shape of their body. You can post a link to the item. You can get feedback from your very own Personal Stylists, whether they’re experts from around the globe, or your trusted friends.

You can get inspiration from others around the world. If you’re a fashion freak, then here you go – GoTryitOn.com. You can download their iPhone app from the itunes store

Tip : With the mobile app, you can just snap the new outfit from the trail room and get instant feedback, so once you’ve checked out the feedback, you can purchase the dress.

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