GLMPS : Capture Few Seconds Before the Picture is Taken


You might have known how to capture a picture from a video, but have you ever had gilmpse of the moment before the actual picture was taken ? Before you snap the actual picture, the few seconds before it will be the happiest moment. When you say, “ready smile” the few seconds before it where people open their eyes wide, alter their dresses, laugh at each other and those happy moments are never recorded. Hereafter don’t miss them, here is a beautiful iPhone app that captures the seconds before the picture is taken.

GLMPS is a iPhone photo app that solves the problem by capturing the magic moments preceding the click. From the moment the app is started, the recording is automatically enabled. The app converts the last 5 seconds recorded in to a micro clip. The photo you snap is the last frame of the video clip. This is what GLMPS has to say ” GLMPS is a magical way to share life. ” A video clip is automatically captured with every picture you take. Instantly upload and share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Just check out the sample of GLMPS here. When you’ve installed GLMPS, open it and a video clip is automatically captured with every picture you take. Once you’ve captured, you can uploaded it to glmps, you don’t have to signup or create a new account, with your exisiting Facebook or twitter, you can simply login.

You can use both front and rear camera of your iPhone and also every photo which you’ve snapped you can either upload it to Glmps or it is stored in your phone. With one click, you can send the short video to your tumblr blog. Every glmps has a unique embed code that can be used anywhere on the web just like a YouTube video and provides unlimited uploads.

Download GLMPS for iPhone

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