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Sending the Email to SMS is so easy with the rise in technology these days. Free Email to text message service can be found on the web that specializes in sending free Email on any mobile phone by txt message. Today we have an interesting free app that allows you to get emails as text message to your mobile phones. You receive all your emails as text msg to your phones and you can also reply for those emails via text message. As text messages only allow 160 chars, your email replies will be broken up into parts and sent in a format such as message 2/5.

TxtJet sends your personal email to your phone via txt message. The only requirements to use txtjet are an email account and a phone that has txt messaging capabilities. Once signed up, you will begin receiving your email by text message on your phone. As I said above, you can respond to the emails via text message itself. All email will be sent as plain text to your phone and You cannot get attachments on phone, like pictures, documents, or videos.

The txtjet servers check for emails every one minute and sends you text message if you have a new email. Also txtjet don’t sync with your email inbox, so deleting your emails from your mobile phone inbox, doesn’t sync with your email web inbox.

Currently, txtjet supports major countries like India, United states, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Austria, Australia, Netherland, Singapore, South africa, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, U.K.

Get started by registering your phone number and email address, you will receive a confirmation code to your mobile phone and there by you receive all the email messages as sms to your mobile phones. Try out the service for free.

TxtJet [Email to SMS]

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