Free facebook video uploader software


The best way and fastest way to upload video to facebook is from a desktop software that makes the job easy and hassle free. If you start uploading bulk videos or images to facebook via your browser, then your browser may get crash or page may be refreshed or facebook video upload disabled, then try using facebook video uploader software. You can upload images or videos from your desktop to facebook account. From the dvdvideosoft makers, here is the facebook video upload app.

Uploading a video on Facebook becomes easy with this free video uploader for facebook. You can upload your short movies to facebook or anything of that sort. Free Facebook video uploader software allows you to upload bulk videos or images to your Facebook account. Once you’ve downloaded the facebook uploader app, just open it and sign in with your facebook credentials.

Then, select videos and images to upload to facebook by clicking the add button. By default, the video name will be added to the title and description, but if you want you can change them before it gets uploaded to facebook. You can customize parameters for each file separately.

Click the upload button and wait for several minutes. The uploading time depends on your video duration, image size and Internet connection speed.

Download Facebook Video Uploader [Free]

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