Fitness Builder app for Windows Phone 7


There are many fitness builder apps for mobile phones that gives you fitness analysis and guide on health and fitness program. You don’t have to download any separate new fitness program, just use mobile fitness apps and it completely guides you to the new fitness program. Here is a best fitness app for Windows Phone 7 that can track your calories, protien, fat, sugars, carbs, etc.

Calorie Tracker-LiveStrong for Windows Phone 7 is a fitness builder app that can show you food items from its large database of 625,000 food items with the exact calories, protien, fat, sugar and other items in it. You can also track your calories burn out in your fitness class and sync them online with

If you’re a strict diet controller, then you can use this calorie tracker free app (untill august end) for Windows Phone 7 and keep a track on what you eat and other stuffs during your work outs. One of the greatest advantage of this app is that it syncs with your online tracking at The app will generate a daily calorie allotment based on your weight goals and allow you to track what you do daily to achieve success.

As told above, it has a huge database of 625,000 foods that shows each and every thing such as calories, fat, sugar and apart from it, You can also search 2,000 fitness items and calculate how many calories you have burned with those activities. This program would come handy and useful when you go out to restaurants and want to try some food, just enter the name of food and find out how many calories does it burn.

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