Find File Size Before You Download in Firefox


When downloading a file in Firefox, it doesn’t show up the file size before you hit the save file option. It just shows up only the file name and two options to save and cancel the download. So, if you’re a limited bandwidth consumer, then this addon for Firefox must be very helpful. It shows the download file size before you actually download them.

Show File Size2 is a simple Firefox addon that displays the file size before you download them to your computer. Firefox download dialog does not display the size of file being downloaded by default. This addon tweaks the download dialog to include the file size.

No more features attached. It simply shows the file size in the download dialog box. You can download this addon from the Mozilla addons page. These kind of simple addons are must have in your Firefox browser.

Download Show File Size2 Firefox addon

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  1. Tipsum says:

    Awesome tip bro. Very useful and simple addon. Thanks for sharing. Works on ff 5 as well so that’s great!

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