Facebook video playlist creator


Just want to relax by watching vidoes that your friends share on your facebook news feed, then here is a unique app that collects all the videos which are shared in your facebook feed and organizes them as a list of videos that play automatically one by one. So here is your facebook video playlist app.

Play’em (Play them) is a simple app that authorizes your facebook profile and creates a list of videos that are shared by your friends on your news feed for the day. So if you feel bored or finding out time to relax, then this app might help you as it gathers all the videos shared in one place as a playlist.

Open Playem.org, connect to your facebook account, to watch your friends’ shared videos. Just click connect, authorize the app with your profile and see playlist which are created. All the videos are listed one by one and automatically starts playing, sit back and enjoy watching the videos shared by your friends.

Facebook Video Playlist app

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    Thanks, Great tip.

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