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You might have seen status updates of your friends on Facebook such as ‘6 minutes ago via iPad’ ‘via iPhone’ ‘status update via facebook mobile” and so on. This android app is a great one which makes it possible for us to add different status update via ones that would make it amazing. You can trick your friends or try to pretend that you’re far better than them just by leaving a status update via your favorite gadgets, app names and more.

Status via free is a little fun android app that is specially developed for Facebook users to trick their friends. It allows you to post status updates on Facebook under the guise of another device. So you got a app to beat all those ‘via facebook for iPhone, ‘via facebook for iPad’ things with more than 100 alternatives such as funny and serious names.

Once you’ve installed the free status via app, you can simple login to fb via that app and select your devices to post the status update. You can choose the device name right from angry birds, blackberry, bmw idrive to more than list of 100+ device names. Then type your status msg, and post it on your wall.

The free version of this app limits to 100+ device names, if you want to add your own name to the status update, then you got to purchase the premium version of the app which is just so cheap.

Download Free Status via Facebook app [Android]

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