Happy Ending : Facebook Unites Mom and Daughter After 63 Years


Here is a Happy Ending that Facebook paves the way for a Mom and daughter after 63 years wait. After 63 years, a family was reunited through one determined sister and a social media phenomenon. Here goes the story, Helen Torres, when she was 17 years in 1948, had to give her first daughter named Christina for adoption. Till Christina was 12, Helen was in contact at a distance, but after that she lost the contact. Helen Torres had given five more children after the incident.

Helen Torres younger child, Denneen Torres learned that she had a fourth sister that had been given up for adoption, she set out on a mission to find her sibling. After several attempts, Denneen attempted to search using an unusual tool ‘The Facebook’. She created a Facebook page named ‘Looking for my sister, Mary Christine Bustamante. She was born on 3/8/1948.’

After few months, the page was found by Mary Christine Bustamante of riverside came to know that she was the adopted child and Deneen said it took time to convince Christine they were sisters because Christine’s parents, now deceased, never told her she was adopted. She thought she was alone and now she is so happy that she has a family to live with. Christine will move to Yuba City next month to be close to her family. Check out the video here

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  1. Rettung says:

    Thats a good use of Facebook!

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