Export Facebook Photo Album, Import in to Google Plus


Previously we had told you about importing your iPhone photos to Google Plus profile, today we have a simple Firefox addon that allows you to export your Facebook photo albums to your Google plus albums. If you’re looking out to import Facebook friends to Google plus, then you can do it. Guess what ? You can do more than that. You can add your facebook wall stream and twitter dashboard into Google plus profile as tabs next to home, profile and so on. So just enter a single message and share it on all the three social sites (facebook, twitter and Google+)

Download Facebook photo albums and upload to Google online photo sharing, automatically export from Facebook and import them into Google plus. Photo Importer Firefox addon allows you to move photos from Facebook to Google+. Even lets you move your tagged photos.

Photo Importer for Chrome and Firefox allows you to download photos from any facebook album you can view – not just that you own. This may at first seem a bit over the line when it comes to privacy, but these are only photos you already have permission to view and download on facebook.

Just download the extensions for your browser. (firefox and Chrome)

Install the extension. If you have installed chrome extension, then you can see a image icon beside the address bar. If you’ve installed it on Firefox, then you can see a text box, few buttons as toolbar below your bookmarks bar.

Now Navigate to within a facebook photo album which you would like to transfer to your Google+ account and Enter a name for the album in the text box on your brand new spanking photoimporter toolbar.

Click ‘make album’

Now repeat the above mentioned steps for all the photo albums which you want to import from facebook from Google+.

Once you’ve completed, just click the submit all albums button.

You will be redirected to moveyourphotos.com where there is a login link, click it.

Give access to your picasa album, so that it can automatically download all your Facebook photos and upload it to Picasa, there by it gets displayed in your Google+ photo album.

Now you can see photos are getting uploaded to picasa and finally the site gives you the link to picasa album once everything is completed.

Download PhotoImporter for Firefox & Chrome

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