Download Transfer Import Instagram Photos to Facebook


Previously we told you about importing Facebook album to Google+, now here is another tool to transfer photos from Instagram to Facebook. Instagram is a popular iPhone app that allows you to snap photos, add powerful photo filter effects and share them on facebook, twitter and etc. We had told you about Instagram backup tool, Extragram web app to Instagram photos. So here is another Instagram based tool to import photos to Facebook. What’s so special about this app when Instagram allows you to post the photos to facebook ? By default the Instagram social sharing button shares the photo as message on facebook wall, but this app allows you to upload it in your facebook album.

Instafb is a online app where Instagram meets Facebook. It allows you to directly post your pictures from Instagram account to Facebook profile photo album. You can now tag your friends via your Facebook app and upload photos straight to an album instead of posting them as a message on your wall.

All you need to do is, just connect both your Facebook and instagram and start sharing pictures now. Once you’ve authorized your Facebook profile and logged into instagram, enter a name for the album and start transfering the existing instagram photos. You can transfer upto 50 Instagram photos.

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