Delete Multiple Contacts in Android


By default android (2.2) contact manager has an option to delete multiple contact items at one go. For that you need to open your contacts > hit the left button to open up options > select multiselect > now select multiple contacts where you can share, send, delete them at one go. Some android versions doesn’t have this feature, so apps like contact remover comes to rescue where you can delete multiple contacts in your android.

Contact remover is a small android app that allows you to delete multiple contacts from your android phone. You can select one, many or all. With the search built in, you can search for contacts and do a multiple select. It works across all your contact details such as name, phone number details, company, address etc.

You can just touch the contact details in the app that displays all the information about the contact, so that it helps you decide which contacts to delete. When you’ve messedup with your phone book, the app comes to rescue. You can get rid of all your contacts with one single click.

If you’ve sync facebook contacts with your default android contacts, then this app doesn’t show or delete Facebook contacts and it depends on your android handset. Just give it a try, the app is completely free!!

Contact Remover Android App [Free]

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