Create rss feed from website


RSS is a web format that allows you to read information or news from websites in a easy readable format by articles published on the site. So, what if your favorite website doesn’t have a RSS feed to subscribe in your Google reader or RSS reader ? You can easily convert web page to rss and track website changes. Make a rss news feeds easily from any website with a tiny app named FeedDude.

FeedDude is a tiny app that allows you to create an RSS feed from any website. If your favorite website doesn’t have RSS feed, you can simply enter the website URL in the text box of this app and you can get a RSS feed URL. With this RSS feed URL you can subscribe the website on your RSS reader and check out the information as soon the web page publishes it.

The app does a simple job of converting any web page into a RSS feed link. You can download the RSS feed link and add them to your rss reader. That makes the work simple. Now, you can read your favorite website which doesn’t have rss feed yet by converting web page into rss feed with feeddude.

Feed Dude

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