Create QR codes from Right Click Context Menu


When I was searching for a quicker way to create a QR code for sharing a link, I found this chrome extension extremely useful. It can shorten any URL links, selected text into a QR code quickly with a right click context menu option. QR codes are quick response code, matrix bar code that is readable only by QR barcode scanners. QR codes are popular among the android market apps. With just the QR code of the app, you can scan the app, download and install it on your android phone. QR codes can be used anywhere. If you want to share a URL or piece of text, just share the QR code alone with your friend, with the help of QR scanner, your friends can scan the code and get the information.

QR code generator is a simple chrome extension that allows you to generate QR codes from the current page, link or selected text through a quick and easy right-click menu. It’s very handy for sending links or short texts to your mobile phone with a QR code reader.

Once you’ve installed, you can simply highlight a piece of text and right click it to create a QR code for it. All hyperlinked URL’s can be right clicked to create quick QR code for it. When you click create QR code, it pops up with a QR code on the current page. You can save the QR code image and share it with your friends.

QR code Generator [Chrome extension]

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