Chrome Web app Suggestion based on Browsing History


Few weeks back when I was talking to a friend about some website, he instantly replied ‘Hey, there is a web app for that’ that allows you to read the content easily without any distraction and gives you lot of options to customize according to your taste. So how to find the app that you’ve been looking out for ? Simple, dig out your history in your browser that displays the recent website or most looking website and find out the related app for the website which you use often. Stop all this manual work and install this chrome web app that gives you chrome app suggestion based on your browsing history.

There’s a web app for that is a simple chrome web app that suggests apps from the Chrome Web Store based on websites you visit. Once you install the app on your chrome browser, it opens up a suggestion page that lists out all the chrome apps that are based on your browsing history. The recent or most visited webpages from your browsing history, it cross checks them with the app store and if it has a chrome web app, then it gets into the suggestion page.

If you’re at a website that has a corresponding store entry, a blue [+] icon appears in the address bar, so that you can immediately add it to your chrome app panel. Also, it shows you apps that correspond to websites that you’ve visited in the past. Useful for chrome app lovers or people who look out to do the job easily.

Download There’s a web app for that [Chrome]

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