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Take screenshot in Windows is a easy task, by default screenshot in Windows xp or Windows 7 you have the print screen button in the keyboard where you hit the button, the full desktop screen is captured to clipboard, you can simply open a paint program and hit ctrl+v to paste the picture from clipboard. But You must also know that there are number of third party free screen capture programs available for Windows. We had told you about many screen capture programs in the past. The list goes below :

After trying out all these above mentioned screen capture programs, today we have a different program that has some special features when compared to other screenshot tools. With single keystroke, it captures screenshot, uploads to online photo sharing site and displays the direct link to the image. I am loving this tool ! Simply does all the work with single keystroke.

Puush is a free desktop screenshot software for Windows and Mac OSX. As I have told above, it can capture desktop current screen, full desktop window, any part of the screen and upload it to image hosting service and finally gives you the direct link to the screenshot image. It all works with keyboard shortcuts, so with single keystroke it can capture, upload the images and gives you the link to the image. If you don’t want to capture screenshot, you can just hit another keyboard shortcut to upload images to puush service from your PC.

Let’s get it started, all you need to do first is signup for a free account with Once you’ve done it, download their free program for (windows and macosx). Install it on your system, open it, enter your puush email id and password. Now it gets activated. Below are the default shortcut keys to capture, upload screenshots instantly. When you press ctrl+shift+2 it captures the current active window and uploads the picture instantly to puush service and displays the URL. Similary other short cut keys has other functions to do.

If you want, you can customize the shortcut keys from the settings pane. If you don’t want to upload the captured screen to puush image service, you can tick the option of storing the images locally on your desktop.

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