Bulk Domain Name Search with Name Ninja


We had told you about many domain name generators that helps you to find a good domain name with the suggested keywords. This acts similary but with a domain brainstorming tool added. Normally when you use domain name generator it will suggest domain names based on the keyword you input, but this one actually help you find good domain names based on what people are actually searching for. Keyword rich domain names.

Name Ninja is a simple domain search tool that helps you to select the best domain name with what people search for. With the keyword entered, it suggest you domain names based on what people search for. For example, if you go to Google.com and start typing in the search box you’ll notice a drop-down indicating popular search phrases as you type. Similar to that same functionality and let you know if the domain is available or not.

If you’re searched in Google, then searching for domain names isn’t a tough task with Name Ninja. Just start typing the keyword as it will throw out instant suggestions based on what people search for. It shows some of the top level domain such as .com, .net, org, biz and info.

In a organized table format, it displays the keywords to the left and availability to your right side. If it shows with letter ‘A’ on a green block, then it is available. if it shows with letter ‘T’ on the red block, then it is taken, understood.

Start using Name Ninja – a domain brainstroming tool.

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